All About Beautiful Kodagu

Kodagu, also known by the name of Coorg, is a mountainous district nestled amid beautiful and ageless hills that line the southern most edge of Karnataka State in South India. It is a paradise for nature lovers and was aptly called as the ‘Scotland of India’.  Glorious sounds, sights and scents welcome you as you enter Kodagu.  Endless mountain ranges, ridge after ridge of grassy and forest clad slopes rising to the sky, give Kodagu its unique and irreplaceable character.



Kodagu was a state in its own right until 1956, when it merged with Karnataka. It occupies an area of approximately 4,100 square km in the Western Ghats of south-western Karnataka.  Madikeri, also known as Mercara, is the headquarters of Kodagu.  River Kaveri (Cauvery), with its source at Talakaveri, Brahmagiri hills, is deeply revered as ‘Mother Goddess Cauvery’ by all Coorgs.


Kodagu is well known for its coffee: Robusta and Arabica, as well as pepper, cardamom and oranges.  The meandering roads are lined on either side by acres of lush green coffee bushes, thriving under the shade of the trees in the hills with the occasional paddy fields in the valleys. The beautiful scenery, comprising of quaint villages with vibrantly coloured roses, bougainvilleas and marigolds surrounding the clusters of red-tiled and whitewashed houses, greet the eye.


Coorgs (Kodavas) are noted for their hospitality and many ‘home stays’ have sprung up where one can enjoy the culinary delights of the local cuisine whilst experiencing the many adventure sports like trekking or white water rafting or just the tranquility of this paradise land!   Brave warriors like Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa and General K S Thimayya are amongst many other distinguished personnel in the defence and civil services.  Kodagu is home to an indigenous and strikingly different culture of interesting, friendly and outgoing people.  They are a martial race and worship their ancestors.